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Installations should only be carried out by fully trained technicians and there is a wide variation on the quality that is available. Most of our repair work is fixing up other company's poor quality installations carried out by poorly trained individuals who dont care.


All our technicians have spent many years at college being trained to a high standard and as a company have over 30 years experience.


01 Unit Location

Air Conditioning systems can be located in a wide variety of locations both locally and remotely from the indoor unit. We take care in choosing the appropriate location to avoid issues such as overheating and also noise nuisance to home owner and neighbouring property’s.

02 Unit Sizing

The correct sizing of your air conditioning system is one of the most important details that sometimes can be overlooked which can lead to inefficient operation along with excessive operating costs oversizing and under sizing can both be factors.

03 Unit Type

Air Conditioning systems come in a wide variety of styles and types from wall mounted, floor mounted, ceiling mounted to name but a few and choosing the correct type for your application is very important.

04 Warranty

Most air Conditioning systems now come with a 5 year parts and labour warranty which in some cases can become void if the quality of the installation is at fault when the system fails. As warranty agents for some of the larger manufactures we see on a daily basis poor quality installations which leave the home owner feeling angry when we explain to them there unit cannot be repaired under warranty due to the poor quality of the installation so choosing the right installer is as important as choosing the right system.

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